Each project is unique. Whether it’s a sign for the small exclusive restaurant or for the global implementation of a signage program, to be successful each step of the process must be done with perfection.

Our recipe to success is called Access and is our carefully prepared process that ensures that your expectations of us are exceeded.

Every time.


Competition in all markets is increasing all the time. Whether it’s products or services, it doesn’t matter. The need to be visible is intensifying.

Developments of signage and visual communication are also speeding up. Technology is developing at record speed and new ways to highlight brands and messages are constantly evolving.

Which is why one of our most important services is advice. Based on a common brand analysis, we set the ambition for your company. We have our constantly updated environmental analysis at our disposal, where competitors and technical developments are included. Together we can identify the future challenges and ensure that the scope of the task meets your needs.


We create design suggestions based on your already established branding manual or with new ideas. We can also jointly create the concept that over time can determine how the design should look, whether the signage or visual communication should apply to multiple productions and placements.

At this stage, we also explicitly suggest how the design should be technically designed to work optimally in the environment, and that all aspects of function and safety are secured.


With a well-planned project plan, we ensure that implementation is proceeding according to plan. Offers, leases or framework agreements are delivered as per agreement. We have a high degree of flexibility and can customize processes according to your situation if the need arises. This may include both shorter schedules and extended scope of the project.

The business proposals and solutions we present have a priority purpose with a high return of investment. Good planning and logistics in the project are key to this.

We also have an established program for efficient maintenance, partly as a result of the long-term function of signage and communication, but also ensures security over time.


Efficiently functioning project management gives us all an overview throughout the project, and we can maintain close contact when making the crucial decisions.

Production, installation and logistics required for the effective implementation are managed from our side in a transparent process so that you as a customer can always access the information you want.

Through our information system you will always receive ongoing information about where we are in the process, and when assembly, testing and final delivery can take place. Our project management is also an asset if changes are to be implemented or if further orders are to be made.


FocusNeo is today recognized for its well-functioning customer support. It is part of the process that we prioritize, partly to ensure that the signage and visual communication we deliver works perfectly over time, but also to ensure that the signage maintains the financial calculation year after year.

Through our digital service you will have access to our cloud services where we have put up all the information that you as a customer may need during development and installation, but also in the coming years as function and security will be maintained on a regular basis.

In order for you to know what is on offer and to choose the scope of support, we always provide concrete service and maintenance agreements, specifying all parts of the support.

Our online portal Access works both as a project management system and a record of all your installations. It gives you real-time access to your projects and a clear, detailed overview of your stock. The system is available 24/7, all year round, saving you both time and costs. Transparency gives you complete insight and control over the projects.