branding in harmony

The right sign in the right place

We have been helping our customers and clients to find the right communication solutions for more than 50 years. We constantly strive to ensure that our solutions have the best possible communication capacity with high visibility and clarity and with optimal placement and suitability. They should be well adapted to the surrounding architecture and cityscape, and have the best possible technical and material conditions.

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FocusNeo employs designers and engineers with the experience necessary to find exactly the right expression. All the work is carried out in consultation with the client or the design agency that has been fully instructed by the company. In order to describe what our solutions will look like, drawings, picture mounts and rendered images are created which simulate e.g. light and the three-dimensional depth. Several proposals for various solutions are often created, as the basis for decisions and quotes.

We give the brand an added dimension

Illuminated signs give the logo a three-dimensional shape with depth. Unlike the printed logo on a business card, a brochure or the one on the web page, illuminated signs provide other opportunities, but present challenges too. To give the sign the same expression and recognition as the ‘flat’ logo, you sometimes have to make adjustments to the logo. It may be the proportions and distances that need to be adjusted. In addition, the sign should be visible in various environments, against different backgrounds, and in both the light and the dark. With the right design, placement, size and lighting technology we maximise visibility and effect. We call our working method the Access and it will help you to understand the process and is a guarantee that everything is taken care of. The right visual communication creates better business.