creates unique brands

Each signage project is unique and has its own opportunities and challenges. Some projects are strictly defined by the guidelines for your brand, while others are more flexible and open to innovation. Our award-winning design studio works closely with you to create unique signs that meet your needs, maintain the integrity of your brand and give you maximum visibility.


Our signage designers have won many awards over the years, for example, the Stockholm Sign Award, which is organized by the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Sign Association, Ljusreklamförbundet. The winners are shown in the gallery.

2017       GalleriGlas, Nybrogatan
2016       Restaurang Le Rouge, Gamla Stan
2013       Taverna Brillo, Sturegatan
2008       Mannheimer Swartling, Norrlandsgatan
2007       Konstfack, Telefonplan
2006       Norstedts, Riddarholmen
2005       Gallerian, Hamngatan
1999       Falck Security, Västberga
1998       Café Milano, Kungsträdgården

Excellent signage design by FocusNeo

We have been helping our customers with their signage design for over 50 years and our design studio takes real pride in its work. We will challenge you and experiment with different materials and lighting effects until you are completely satisfied and ready to give the go-ahead for production. Come to us with your brand and tell us what your thoughts and challenges are. We will help you to find a consistent strategy for your brand and give it an optimal visibility that works in all environments.

Apart from reflecting your brand identity in the best possible way, this strategy will also meet the following requirements, according to our philosophy:

Good communication skills

The sign must be highly visible and effective. It must be easily legible, at night time as well as daytime, have a well-implemented transfer of logo and graphics to the signage media, and have elegance and stringency of typography and symbolic. It must also have the correct placement in relation to traffic and access roads.

It must be well adapted to the surrounding architecture and cityscape

The sign must be designed with a high awareness of the specific character of the current site and building. The cultural and historical values of the surrounding environment must be taken into account.

Good technical and aesthetic design

The sign must be designed with optimal solutions in terms of technology and materials, with the least possible environmental impact, as well as with originality and innovation – of both construction and design.


Did you know, for example, that a white illuminated sign has 20% better legibility than a blue one?


All signs are unique. All locations are unique. Experience of previous projects is required to enable a good assessment to be made of the sign’s visibility and the legibility. At FocusNeo we have this experience. Below are some of the factors that affect the visibility of illuminated signs:

  • Placement
  • Size
  • Colours
  • Viewing distance
  • Viewing times (e.g. on roads)
  • Background
  • The logo font
  • The logo details

You are welcome to contact us to hear more about how we work.


Secure delivery requires sustainable construction. For this reason, our engineers work in close collaboration with our designers, manufacturers and fitters to help you find the right solution for each project. We can help you, for example, with:

  • photomontage
  • original
  • drawings for planning permission
  • 3D renderings
  • simulations
  • design drawings
  • energy calculations
  • strength calculations