Our new name is FocusNeo. The word “neo” comes from the Greek word for “new”, and represents our innovative thinking in everything we do. We demonstrate our determination to meet our customers’ needs both today and tomorrow by offering new materials, new positions, new technology and above all new services. Today we’re taking the next step and creating new, even more effective processes and a wider range of services for our customers.

We are market leaders in the area of visual communication and signage – and we’re very proud of this. But we won’t stop there. We want to talk about our constant development and renewal through a new design language We’ve developed a new visual identity, with a new name, new logo, and a new symbol and tagline.

The logo is timeless and the symbol’s eight parts represent our focus areas. It takes the form of a star – a guiding star. A symbol that promises our customers will get our undivided attention.

The Sign of Excellence – our tagline – describes our continued position as market leader. And to reinforce our position, we’re now launching “Access”, where we offer our customers clearer information, faster decision paths and more secure deliveries. Innovation at every level.

The Sign of Excellence.