Effective re-profiling of 74 Cervera stores

The management of Cervera has undergone a dramatic journey of change over the last five years, from a traditional specialist store to a modern, fully-integrated retail company. In 2017 the company, which was acquired by the investment fund Accent Equity in 2015, was given a brand-new, much neater and more welcoming profile. A re-profiling, which was implemented in cooperation with FocusNeo.

Cervera’s Marketing Manager Erika Dalle:

”We had already implemented an extended co-ordination of an earlier product range with little variation, and in the spring of 2017 got ourselves a whole new profile programme which would better reflect our business and our values. Our re-profiling was complete, from the logo and colours to fascia signs, decors, interiors, and promotional materials.”

From Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south

An important objective was to launch the new Cervera at the same time throughout the country. With 74 stores from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south, this meant a real challenge in practice.

“During the spring and summer of 2017, we planned the implementation of the new profile to the smallest detail. A time-consuming exercise was to prepare for the brand new fascia signs, which needed to be adapted for the diverse architecture and also required consultation with property owners, centre management, and so on. It meant a lot of work for us, but especially for FocusNeo, who supplied both the signs and the foiling. But it went very smoothly, they started at the end of August and were finished by mid-October. 74 stores in six weeks! A couple of franchise units got a little more time, but in all cases they were ready by Christmas.”

From massive portals to small signs

A pilot store was completed as early as the winter of 2016/2017 in Norrtälje, where Cervera’s marketing team, together with the manager of the advertising agency Silver and FocusNeo, were able to try out different solutions before the big roll-out. Stig Johansson was project manager at FocusNeo:

”As soon as we were given the assignment, we began to study the conditions and develop drawings for each store, the exterior and the interior. We used the standard modules as a basis as far as possible, but the conditions and dimensions varied enormously, from the massive portals to the foiling and small signs in a narrow indoor centre.Our various construction teams were from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Luleålandet and Småland, and spent on average 1-2 hours at each location.
The old stuff was torn down and the new things assembled. As soon as a shop was finished, the next team came and started work on the opening ceremony and promotional signage.”


Cervera is Sweden’s largest and leading chain of stores for food preparation, serving and decoration. The chain currently has 72 physical stores and two department store units; NK Glass, Porcelain & Kitchen in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Cervera currently has around 600 employees, a turnover of approximately SEK 900 million and is owned by Accent Equity.

”A new visual world’

The new logo in grey and white gives it a more sophisticated and at the same time personal and welcoming impression. The colour selection means it will feel modern for many years to come, and the design makes the word image feel almost hand-written. The complementary turquoise colour is primarily used indoors, in decals and various fittings.

‘We have really gone through everything,’ says Erika Dalle. ‘New clothes, a new music profile, new decor and all the communication … It’s a completely new visual world and, at the same time, it feels like a natural, almost obvious continuation of our old identity. The spontaneous reactions we have received from our customers have almost exclusively been positive. As a result of our re-profiling, the shops feel new, fresh and more welcoming. At least as important is, of course, the fact that the store staff have experienced both the implementation and the positive. Despite the extensive work, there has been minimal disruption.’

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Signs and decor for 74 stores from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south

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