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FocusNeo knows how to re-profile brands

As a full-service provider, we manage every part of your projects with the expertise to create value at every stage. We will guide you through the entire process, from idea to reality, and ensure you have the right sign in the right place. Whether we are dealing with a single signage project or the installation of a complex global signage programme, continuous communication and accuracy are of paramount importance.

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Time is often a limiting factor in all projects, regardless of size, and knowledge and experience can be crucial for a successful project. Our project managers are highly trained, with many years of experience in managing both the re-profiling of businesses and large comprehensive signage projects in different types of industry.To ensure a safe delivery, you are assigned a project manager or a project team who manages the day-to-day issues and communication with you throughout the process. The project manager drives your project forward and arranges site surveys, design proposals, authorisation management, orders, production, delivery, installation and follow-up. When the project is completed, the project manager ensures that all documentation relating to the project is available.

Anestablished working method and system support to provide good quality

We follow Access, which is our own complete working process for ensuring that all the parts you need for a successful signage project are in place. This process covers every step of the way, from initial analysis to installation and documentation. You can also follow the project via Access, our web-based project management system. The system is a great support in the project manager’s work and facilitates communication between everyone involved in the project. Our work is, of course, quality certified according to ISO 9001:2015.


FocusNeo will guide you through the entire process until you find the right sign. This assures you of a safe delivery and hassle-free ownership. We have been doing this for over 50 years.