creates value for you and your tenants

A clear profile increases your competitiveness

Competition for tenants is intensifying and it is important for property owners to be able to offer a strategic property concept that meets customers’ requirements and expectations. An unattractive environment inevitably leads to an increase in the number of vacancies and a higher turnover of tenants. In a very competitive real estate market, it is particularly important for your property to stand out from that of your competitors. Being able to offer a clear property profile with an attractive internal and external environment can give you as a property owner significant competitive advantages vis-à-vis other properties.

We get properties noticed

At FocusNeo, we have long experience in helping property owners to create attractive and visible communication solutions to strengthen the visual identity of their real estate and among their tenants. Together, we strengthen your property’s position and create a unique identity with solutions that will get your tenants noticed and enable them to thrive.

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Based on your needs and requirements, we can develop a complete signage programme for your property. A signage programme can, for example, include guidelines for the property’s fascia signage, including choice of colour, placement and size, etc. In addition, it often depends on how the property is to be made more visible, by means of direction signs, so-called wayfinding, and the opportunities tenants have for exposure and visibility in and on the property.

Apart from fascia signage mounted on your property, we can also help with the profiling of your tenants. We draw and design their fascia signs, exposure on, for example, pylons in front of the entrance and internal profiling with reception signs, decoration vinyls and decor, foilings on windows and doors, etc.