How we deal with the social and environmental effects of our activity.

As a company, we have a responsibility to run a business that is sustainable from a long-term perspective, that minimises our impact on the environment, improves the quality of life of our employees and our stakeholders, and also contributes to a better future.


An important part of our engagement is our commitment to the environment, whereby we work to reduce our environmental impact. We endeavor to meet the expectations of our employees, customers, suppliers and of society for us to be actively responsible in matters concerning the environment.

  • We have held an environmental diploma from the Swedish Environmental Base since 2005.
  • We recycle old signs and waste material 100%.
  • We have extensive experience and knowledge of how to manage hazardous waste.
  • We coordinate our transportation in the Nordic region and Europe.

FocusNeo AB’s Environmental Diploma


Social and ethical responsibility permeates all of our activities. We work actively to ensure a safe, fair and inspiring working environment and good working conditions both for our employees and along our supply chain.

  • We are quality certified according to SS EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • We have a collective agreement.
  • We hold certificates for high level work.
  • We have installation authorization issued by the National Electrical Safety Board.
  • We work with load-bearing steel and aluminium structures according to EN1090-1

Quality Policy Statement


We build our business from a sustainable social perspective, which is economically advantageous in the long term. In order to ensure that we run our business according to our core values of ‘quality, knowledge and commitment’, we have developed codes of conduct with guidelines for health and safety, business ethics, customer care and the work environment.

We are also proud members of the Swedish Sign Association (Ljusreklamförbundet) and the European Sign Federation, which work actively to create common standards for illuminated signs with respect to quality and various concepts within the illuminated advertising industry. They are engaged in the development of environmental issues and cooperate extensively with SEMKO on ISO certification and CE-marking. By working together with a company associated with the Swedish Sign Association, customers can be assured that the company meets the requirements for environmental and safety responsibility.