attracts your customers

You don’t have to be a trader yourself to understand the importance of an attractive profiling of a store. If you want to run a successful store that attracts customers and drives sales, the store has to be seen. Smart traders know that this starts with branding and signage. The visual communication that a store exhibit provides customers with immediate information about where the store is, shows them the right way in, what kind of products they might find there, and the unique identity and image the store has.

In short, a quick glance at the store’s exterior profiling should be enough to convince the customer to go in.

‘Focus has really helped us to give our new store a modern face to the world.’ We are delighted with the results and look forward to continued collaboration with more stores and new signs.’

Daniel Tiberg, MIO

The signage reflects the quality of your brand

Signs can be manufactured in many sizes, shapes, materials and levels of quality. A poorly designed sign, or one that simply does not accurately represent what your store stands for, can actually deter potential customers. This is why you should work with an expert to create signage and profiling that represent your brand in the best possible way.

At FocusNeo, we have long experience of helping both world-leading brands within the retail trade and local stores to convey their unique identity through signage and visual communication. Customers choose us for our strength in signage design, but perhaps above all for our capacity to handle complex projects, such as re-profiling or major new constructions. When we work with the world’s top brands, it is of the utmost importance for the brand to be exposed in the same way everywhere, and for the quality to be the best.

Let our experts in brands and design give you a head start

For maximum customer experience, we work to ensure consistency in colours, lighting and installation, and will help you to create a unique solution for your store. The goal is to get your store to be visible, compared with competitors, generate traffic and increase profitability.

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Based on your graphical profile, we can produce unique lettering profiles and flag-mounted signs to entire shop facades, vinyl decor on windows and walls, wayfinding, and digital technology in large format. We design and develop prototypes, create pilot projects, and manufacture, project manage and implement large signage programmes over short time frames. You don’t have a signage programme for your business? Relax, we can help you. Bring your brand and your ideas to us, and we will develop a new signage programme that will help you to reach your goals.