for a visible brand – year after year

One of the most important functions of a sign is to reflect your brand, and the sign can therefore provide very effective and good advertising for your company. But signs become worn by dirt, the weather, wind and so on, and they need some attention from time to time. A service agreement that includes regular cleaning and servicing of your new signs means they are kept in peak condition longer. We also provide sign services on individual damaged or dirty signs. You don’t need to start climbing, screwing and worrying about what type of fluorescent tubes to use. We will help you to find a sign that looks like it is in brand-new condition, and take the old fluorescent tubes and broken components to recycling after the service. You not only get a beautiful sign, but are also doing the environment a favour.


  • Replacement of broken light bulbs
  • Replacement of transformers, fronts or cables
  • Replacement of fluorescent tubes with LED lighting
  • Washing dirty signs is always included in our sign services
  • Repair of damage
  • Blasting and painting

If your sign needs a more extensive renovation, we are here for you. We often renovate old signs that need a more extensive face lift, and replace the light bulbs, cables and transformers. Worn painted parts are repainted or refinished completely. 

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Older illuminated signs are often equipped with neon or fluorescent tubes. These light sources have a high energy consumption and are not particularly environmentally friendly. These days, most new illuminated signs are equipped with light-emitting diodes, so-called LED technology, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. Today, even the classic neon signs can be replaced with LED technology, giving your sign the same look and feel as before.

We will help you to reduce your electricity bill by replacing the light source in your old signs to modern LED technology. With a so-called LED conversion, the light source in your signs is more durable and the overall maintenance costs are significantly lower.

We have offices in all the Nordic countries, and are ready to take care of your brand. Contact us today for immediate service.



As a service to our contract customers, we offer the opportunity for customers to have their own webshop. The shop enables registered members to trade from their own pre-determined range of products and services within signage and visual communication. Signs, decals, flags, outdoor banners and other profile material or booking of service. You can choose which products and services you want to offer – we take care of the rest.
  • Better control over costs and procurement procedures
  • Full range
  • One supplier – one price
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