brand bearers and your face to the world

When a company decides to establish a new brand, start a new business or scrap their old brand to re-brand the company, there are many factors and obstacles to take into consideration. An important factor that is not normally the first thing that comes to mind is signage. Whether you are a retailer, property owner, business owner or organisation, signs are very important because they are your company’s face to the world. If you run a company or organisation with global business, a consistent signage programme is particularly important in order to create recognition and a uniform profile.


Ever since the 1970s, FocusNeo has had the honour to work with strong brands in the retail, banking and financial sectors, industry and the hotel and restaurant trade.Common to all these brands is the fact that they place great emphasis on their signage programmes and include them as a significant part of the brand’s totality and image.

When we at FocusNeo are involved in a re-profiling process at an early stage, we are able to utilise our long experience and knowledge, and to make a big difference in a comprehensive project.

  • As a full-servicesupplier, we are a trusted partner from the outset, and understand the new brand and its meaning.In this way, we are able to find the correct expression for each individual site a lot faster.
  • We contribute to a consistent brand identity both locally and globally. We can assess whether the new brand will be displayed correctly on all types of signs. If there is room for improvement, we have the opportunity tomake recommendations early on in the process.
  • We provide expertise in logistics for large international projects with our global network of installers and production facilities. We ensure cost savings for our clients through effective project management, an established logistics network and environmentally-friendly waste disposal, without compromising the quality of your brand.
  • Our technical expertise contributes to large as well as small adjustments in design, workmanship and materials. The result is a more cost-effective and durable product that keeps your brand visible for a longer period of time.

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Our ability to repeatedly contribute to and implement major re-profiling projects such as McDonald’s, AkzoNobel, Dressmann and SEB, is due to our long-term relationships, our competence and the experience we have gained by working with some of the world’s biggest brands.There are a number of factors that contribute to a successful project, but we are convinced that the single biggest success factor is our commitment to brands. We value our clients’ brands just as much as they do themselves, and are proud to be able to ensure that their brand identity comes to life.



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