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Fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps belong to history. These days, practically all signs are equipped with modern LED technology, i.e. light-emitting diodes, which are mounted in a very flexible way in everything from lettering profiles to lightboxes. Today, there are LED variants which replace the classic neon as a light source with a sustained expression. LED signs are almost maintenance-free, because the lifespan of LEDs is much longer than with conventional technology.


LEDs are very small components and can be mounted in several different ways. Therefore, LED signs can be made significantly thinner and the lighting of the signs will be more flexible. Supplemented with various technologies, the sign can be designed so that it is lit up from the front, the rear, the sides or in the way that highlights your brand the best.

Energy efficiency is much higher than with traditional light sources such as fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps and neon. LEDs produce more light per watt compared with both neon and incandescent bulbs, and they can easily be dimmed. The power required for an LED sign to work is less than one tenth that of a neon sign. Moreover, LEDs have a very long shelf life and low light degrading, i.e. the fall in brightness during its life.

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Most LED signs are equipped with a coloured acrylic front, but the LED itself can also be coloured to create the desired lighting effects.

LED signs are more durable as diods can withstand temperature fluctuations, shock and vibration better than other light sources. They also generate very little heat.

With LEDs, the light distribution is better within the sign and the risk of shading and uneven light is reduced. LEDs also contain no mercury, like fluorescent lamps, neon tube and traditional incandescent bulbs, which is good for the environment.


As a customer, you need to be aware that there are large differences in quality between different LEDs and suppliers, and that, therefore, there are also large price differences. At FocusNeo, we work exclusively with high-quality LEDs from selected suppliers to provide you with the best products. Our factories assure the quality of the LEDs so that each sign gets exactly the same light and the smallest possible light degrading over time. Through detailed documentation, we can replace broken LEDs with exactly the same light value as with the original supply.

Signs equipped with LED technology are very flexible and can be manufactured in large formats that are visible at very long range. The signs can be mounted practically anywhere – from outdoor roof mountings and facades to indoors above shop entrances or on walls. For signs in an indoor environment or at street level, which place very high requirements on the finish, we recommend that you use an exclusive variant of LED signage which is called LPFLEX.



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