LED technology with perfection

LPFLEX technology is used in our most exclusive LED signs, mainly for signs at street level or in indoor environments, where it is important that the sign is absolutely perfect. These signs can be very detailed and in all the feasible colours. They are bright and amazingly constant in the light, all the way out to the edges and sharp corners.

With LPFLEX technology, we are able to customise lighting for all needs and desires. The signs can be illuminated from the front, rear or the side. We have even made signs in which the LEDs are completely visible and thus become an integral part of the logo. LPFLEX can even replace traditional neon as a light source with a sustained expression. The technology has been developed by our German supplier of Maas&Roos AG in close cooperation with us at FocusNeo.


During manufacture, each LED is quality tested before use in order to minimise the risk of colour shifts. The LED is then cast into the material and sealed, making the profiles more robust and resistant to the weather, wind or other external damage. The lettering profiles are drawn up by CAD designers to ensure optimum light distribution in the lettering profiles, so that the light reaches all the way into the outer edges and the corners of the profile, thereby guaranteeing a perfect light distribution. The LEDs in the LPFLEX signs are of the highest quality so every sign is illuminated with exactly the same light and with the least possible light degrading over time. 

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LPFLEX signs are very thin and are only between 20 to 30 mm deep, which allows for a very flexible installation. The technology enables logos to be illuminated with very thin stroke thickness. Another great advantage with this technology is that the signs can be installed using a click-in technique, where all the cabling is hidden inside the wall, and the letters can easily be clicked firmly into the wall.


LPFLEX signs are constructed with consideration for the environment. They contain no mercury, unlike the classic neon tube or fluorescent lamp, and consume only one-tenth of the electricity as a traditional neon sign. Thus, there is no hazardous waste to dispose of when dismantling the sign.

Our LPFLEX signs are our most exclusive signs and the ways in which signs can be used are only limited by your imagination. In our gallery we show a few examples of how our customers use signs with LED letters. At FocusNeo, we have extensive experience in the project management, design, construction and installation of signs and visual communication, and we help hundreds of customers with their profiling and optimal visibility every year.



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