endless variations with different materials

We at FocusNeo provide all kinds of signs for all different signage needs. We work with illuminatedsigns as well as signs without light sources, depending on the purpose of the sign and the expression that is desired. The sign represents the company’s public face and needs to reflect the values and ideas that the company stands for, but it should also be informative and clarify the message that is being conveyed.

In many situations a non-illuminated sign is more appropriate than an illuminated one, and variations in materials and techniques are practically infinite. We help you to find exactly the expression that is sought and the use of the materials in all of their forms, such as acrylic, wood, aluminium, sheet metal, metal, glass, concrete, stone, styrofoam, etc. We have even developed signs in both textile and with live plants.

We help you with everything, from the idea to putting the sign in place. When you work with us, we ensure that we develop the best sign for your business – according to your wishes, combined with our knowledge. Your personal project manager works together with our creative workshop and develops a signage solution that best highlights your company and your logo. We design the sign at the desired signage location and also assist in applying for planning permission for the signs.

At the bottom of the page, you will find some examples of the different types of non-illuminated signs we have produced for our customers.


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