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Sign masts are used primarily to expose and raise the visibility of your brand at great distances.They help your customers to quickly identify where you are and find you in the surrounding area.

A common area of application for sign masts is for visibility on major express ways. For many petrol stations, restaurants or other business activities, a sign mast that can be seen at a distance of hundreds of metres can be absolutely essential for getting visitors to find you, and hence also for the success of your business.

For the actual sign in the sign mast, we normally use a structure consisting of a light box which is provided with LED lighting for the longest lifespan and lowest weight. The light box is equipped with a stretched canvas front that displays the logo or motif. The canvas front makes it possible for the message to be changed and any other servicing on the sign to be carried out easily and smoothly.

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Deciding on the right size for a sign mast and ensuring it is positioned in exactly the right place are very important factors that can be crucial for a successful signage project.
In order to find the optimal placement, we can help you with viewing analyses, visibility calculations, measurements and positioning. When the positioning is determined, we calculate the wind loads and produce construction drawings for the sign, supporting structure, fixings and foundations. As a total supplier, we can help with the whole project including the authorisation management and control, with the objective for you to obtain a stable and secure sign that is visible at long range.

To provide you with the safest possible delivery, we always offer:

  • Load-bearing steel and aluminium structures according to EN1090-1
  • Quality assurance of the work in accordance with ISO 9001:2008
  • A team of fitters with certificates for working at heights
  • A team of fitters authorised by the National Electrical Safety Board

FocusNeo has long experience in the project management, design, construction and installation of sign masts and we help many of Scandinavia’s leading restaurant chains with their profile and maximum visibility. If you would like to know more about how we work, our signs, or discuss an upcoming project, you are welcome to contact us.



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