create accessibility for everyone

Tactile signs make environments more accessible for people with visual impairments. Tactile signs have visual messages that protrude from the surface and can be combined with braille, making them readable for both the sighted and visually impaired.

Tactile signs create accessibility for everyone

At FocusNeo, we work to create accessible environments for everyone. Orientation (including directions) constitutes a central area that increases the accessibility and usability of premises and places for persons with reduced mobility or orientation. We use studied methods and our experience to deliver the best possible accessibility adaptation while increasing clarity. The development of tactile signs is part of this work, but in order to maximise results, we must look at the whole, where we also analyse the need for things like guidance paths, contrast markings, information boards etc.

Buying tactile signs doesn’t need to be difficult. Our experienced project managers and designers help you find the right tactile signs which are adapted to your visual identity. Regardless of the design of your visual communication, we will find the right approach and solution for you.


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Important with contrast and placement

Tactile signs should be readable for people with reduced vision and therefore have symbols, text and/or braille in relief. In order to increase clarity, sharp contrasts between background, symbols and text are important and therefore bright messages are placed on dark background and vice versa. The signs must also be placed so that they can be easily read by people who are both standing and people with reduced mobility.

To think about when buying tactile signs

We have extensive experience in delivering guiding systems, tactile signs and tactile information boards. We ensure to stay updated regarding current regulations regarding tactile signs in places like public environments and other places. Combined with our design expertise, we can adapt tactile signs and directions to your visual identity and surrounding architecture.  Don’t hesitate to contact us any time regarding design and advice when it comes to tactile signs.

To make it easier for you when buying tactile signs, we use a well-proven working method that ensures a secure delivery. Our working method is called Access and is a big reason why we have the confidence to deliver signs and visual communication for many world-leading brands and for many of Sweden’s largest companies. We have the competence to embrace a holistic approach for your brand and to be a driving part in profiling your company in this area. Contact us if you want to know more or want to receive a quote regarding your project.