signs which show the way

Wayfinding is about knowing how people orientate themselves in a physical space and how to best guide them from one point to another. With properly designed wayfinding, the experience is enhanced and creates a great added value for visitors, shops and other tenants.

Wayfinding creates accessibility and consistency

Few things are as frustrating and annoying as not finding one’s way at an airport, in a shopping mall or in a large building. Wayfinding signs help visitors orientate themselves and get to the right place, which also increases the likelihood of repeat visitors and increased revenue. Properly designed wayfinding also helps to create uniformity for your brand.


4 + 2 = ?

Wayfinding – important in complex environments

Properly designed signs for wayfinding are especially important in complex environments such as hospitals, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, schools and university areas. As environments become larger and more complicated, people need to navigate visual elements such as information boards, directions and symbols to find their way. Clear orientation also creates accessibility for the visually impaired and disabled, and it increases safety in emergencies.

This is how we work with wayfinding design

We create signs for wayfinding and referencing which artfully blend engaging visual design and relevant information.  Our goal is to effectively guide visitors through the physical space of your business while at the same time giving them the opportunity to experience you as a brand.

We work with different system solutions for wayfinding which are adapted to your business. For us, it is important that your brand is reflected in signs, symbols and colours – and adapted to the surrounding interior and architecture to provide a complete experience. We at FocusNeo have extensive experience in developing programs for signs and wayfinding signs. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding wayfinding in Stockholm or elsewhere. We are located throughout the Nordic region.

Showcase: Stockholmsmässan

The Stockholm Exhibition Centre is the largest exhibition and congress facility in the Nordic region, with 70,000 square meters of exhibition space and home to more than 70 trade shows each year. The facility also includes 4,000 parking spaces outdoors and in a garage. More than 1.1 million people visit the Stockholm Exhibition Centre every year.

In order to enhance the visitor experience, the Stockholm Exhibition Centre’s developed programs for signs help visitors find their way to the facility, find their way inside the premises and help them get a good overview of what is going on. FocusNeo, in collaboration with Stockholm Design Lab, has provided wayfinding signs for the entire facility, ranging from pylons with parking instructions to referral signs, symbols and directions.